A Twitch-inspired gaming theme for

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What is Twitchcord?

Twitchcord is a theme created with the idea of bringing Twitch to Discord, combined with a little extra personality.
Every aspect and element is carefully crafted and themed with both aesthetics and performance in mind.

Pixel Perfect

Each pixel has been meticulously pushed into its proper place. You also may find some animated pixel friends to guide you on your way.

Fully Styled

The animations are really toned down in order to keep performance as high as possible, but the subtleties of the animations present make it worth it.

Ever Evolving

As Discord continues to grow, change, and update, so too shall Twitchcord. Fear not, there is no end in sight for this theme.


Here’s just a small preview of what you can expect from Twitchcord. Please note, the pictures may not be 100% up-to-date.

Download Twitchcord

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Need help?

If you have any problems downloading or using the theme, or maybe you’d like to make a suggestion or report a bug, or maybe you just want to hang out—whatever the reason, come stop by our Discord server, we’d love to meet you!